enjoying a beach vacation

Best Beaches in Florida for Couples

If you're looking for some time away with your husband, boyfriend or significant other, look to Florida. Florida has got some great beaches and you'll be happy with the combination of sun, ocean, activities and intimacy. If you want some time alone together you might be surprised to learn that … More

Girls Beach Outing

Planning a Girls’ Beach Get Away

A great way to enjoy the beach is to go with girlfriends. It's super fun when you're younger and it's still fun when you get older. We wanted to help you plan a girls' get together and give you some tips. It's not easy but it's doable and fun.    Tips on Planning a … More

Beach Vacation

Best Travel Apps for a Beach Vacation

One thing that can really make Florida beach vacations easy to plan are travel apps. There many many apps out there. We made a simple list of apps for you to consider.There are 4 kinds of apps that you will want for you iPhone IOS, Android or Windows phone.1. Hotel, Resort or Car Rental … More

Florida Beach Hotel and Spa

Florida Spa Retreats Planning Guide

Hi Guys, it's time to talk about spas. The beach is great but you will want to include a spa visit in your vacation. If you are on a couples' vacation for sure you will want to include a spa visit. Here is why you will want to go to the spa:The sun and ocean dry out your skin and spa treatments … More