Cheap Beach Vacations

When planning affordable beach vacations for families, the number one way to save money is by cutting the costs of traveling. It’s possible that airfare may be cheaper, but more than likely you’ll save by driving to your rental destination. This makes Florida a great destination for many people.


What’s so great about Florida?

Florida has easy access with interstates and you don’t need to drive all the way to Key West or Miami to find some great beaches. Some of the most popular locations in Florida are Panama City, Fort Walton Beach and Destin. You will find these beaches in the skinny part of Florida that runs underneath Alabama. It can be a little cooler here during the winter but in the summer there will generally be less humidity. See the map below.

There are many more towns to be seen including Dog Island -which is full of unspoiled beaches, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Grayton Beach and Blue Mountain Beach. Grayton Beach is an artsy community, while Blue Mountain Beach can be found between Destin and Fort Walton Beach. Here are some tips to you help you enjoy Florida beaches without breaking your wallet.

florida map

Book Early
Most hotels and beach houses give discounts for guests who book early. So with this, it might be beneficial to plan your trip weeks ahead to give you the advantage of scoring cheaper accommodations. Demands for hotels peak during the last minute and at this point, hotels have the leverage to increase their prices. Booking early will help you secure a place to stay for a significantly lower amount.

Sign up for Newsletters and Memberships
Most hotels and apartments along the Florida beach have websites where they post updates, rates, and discount coupons. Most of the time, they give out the huge discounts for those who have coupons. Similarly, if you’re a member of their newsletter or online community, these hotels will also give you member discounts when you book online. Here’s a great place to sign up for deals in Orlando.

Be Flexible with Dates

Cheaper rates are given to guests who are pretty flexible with the dates of their trip. When you include many options for your booking, it will allow the hotel to squeeze in as many guests for that week, giving them the choice to offer the room for cheaper rates.

When you’re planning your trip, do not settle for a single date only, try to come up as many choices as you can.

Planning for a Family
If you’re planning for a family there are some things to consider. Please see tips on the Best Beach Vacations for Families.

Explore and Research

Of course, finding cheap hotels along the Florida beach takes time, patience, and research on your part. Cheap beach vacations in Florida are made affordable by how much time you research and explore. Do not settle for the names that you know, or the accommodations that are very popular. These places can charge more than the ones which are lesser-known.

Hotels providing all inclusive vacations in Florida are not only the ones which are near and popular, you can get the same services from accommodations which are not that famous and off-the beaten track.

Further, you might want to look for places which are a few meters away from the beach. Beachfront hotels and apartments are more expensive than those which are farther away from the shore. Prepare yourself to walk a few meters to spend lots of dollars!

Be Adventurous, Go Off-Season

Yes, we get it. You’d want to arrive at Florida during the summer, where the beaches are beautiful and the people are all raving in parties here and there. But this scene is the expensive scene in Florida. Vacation rentals in Florida become way cheaper if you decide to go off-season.

Off-season trips might not be as loud and colorful during the summer, but think about it, not only do you get cheaper accommodations; you’d also get to see the side of Florida which is quiet, relaxing and all yours!

Consider Bed and Breakfast Over Hotels

Your wallet might be happier if you choose to stay at a bed and breakfast than in a hotel. Bed and breakfast joints are way cheaper, you have more choices, and you’ll truly feel the culture of Florida when you decide to stay in one.

Most bed and breakfast have the same amenities as hotels do but space might be more limited.

Finding affordable accommodations along the Florida beach is easy when you just take the time to research and explore. Also, keep in mind that the success and fun of your vacation does not lie on your accommodations only, it also depends on how prepared you are to take the trip. Before you go, make sure that everyone has enough clothes, money, sunscreen, and other essential items. Also, go over your trip at least once so that everyone knows where to go and when.