Fort Lauderdale

Spa Trip Planning Guide

Hi Guys, it's time to talk about spas. The beach is great but you will want to include a spa visit in your vacation. If you are on a couples' vacation for sure you will want to include a spa visit. Here is why you will want to go to the spa:The sun and ocean dry out your skin and spa treatments … More

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Family Beach Vacations

Family beach vacations can be super successful. But they take some planning. Here are some tips to plan a family trip.     TimingMake sure your kids are out of school. School schedules change a lot so check. Check the weather. Going to … More

the Florida Keys

Finding the Right Swimsuit

Finding the right swimsuit for the beach can be a challenge. We are not all blessed with the figure of a model and going to beach means we are showing more of our body than we normally do. But fear not! There are many options for swimwear and beachwear. There are so many in fact that it can be … More

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Best Beaches in Florida for Couples

We've picked some of the most enticing beaches in Florida to inspire you for a romantic getaway. Here's the rundown on what to look for and where to go.What to Look for in a Florida Couples' BeachBeautiful Beaches Privacy ConvenienceBeautiful Florida Beaches Beauty inspires you … More